Vitamins For Memory Loss

Choose from the best vitamins for memory loss. Take action now to insure your brain's health.

Vitamins For Memory Loss

No matter who you are, age is going to play a certain amount of hob with your thinking and everything you can do to minimize this deserves some careful investigation. Did you know that the human brain actually loses mass as you age? There is no single answer to maintaining good cognitive function but taking advantage of the powerful antioxidants and vitamins for memory loss can help insure your best mental  performance. The sooner you act the better your chances for  maintaining healthy brain function and minimize the damage to it that age can deliver.


Life Is Hard Work


Vitamins and antioxidants can offer huge benefits to your well being but in order for your mind to to remain sharp and utilize the benefits of these powerful life changing new formulas some old rules still apply. Your brain needs oxygen and plenty of it. Your brain requires, and in fact thrives on complex formula, putting the thing to work might be the best medicine you can take. Vitamins for memory loss should be just one part of your plan. To improve cognitive function you will have to make overall improvements, as best you can, to the rest of our body. That means excercise, good diet choices, and engaging the body in tasks that require careful mental focus. Your ability to implement a regular exercise plan may be complicated by life or age related conditions but doing what you can to increase metabolic velocity is the best way of increasing essential oxygen that keeps the brain healthy. Your mental health is directly proportionate to what your lungs and heart provide you.




Your Brain Is Particular About Who It Lets In


Your brain has a dense mass of  tightly packed cells called a blood brain barrier that protect it from bacteria, chemicals and infections in the blood. As you age oxidation is believed to be a primary cause of failure in the interconnected networks of nerve cells, or neurons that our brains rely on to function. These complex neurons are especially  susceptible to damage caused by oxidation. Nutrients such as glucose, essential amino acids, and some electrolytes move through this barrier. Bloodborne proteins, toxins, most drugs, non essential amino acids are denied access. The barrier is not effective in stopping fat soluble molecules from entry. Hence, bloodborne alchohol, nicotine, and some anesthetics affect the brain. This is why vitamins for memory loss are crucial elements for reducing the effects of deterioration. There are five powerful antioxidants that are also allowed entry through this barrier that can combat the debilitating effects of oxidation. Besides benefiting the brain they will provide oxidative protection for the rest of your body. These are vitamin C which is an absolute essential for every function of the human body. Pycnogenol a derivitive of coastal french pine bark. Resveratrol commonly is taken from the skins of red grapes. Alpha lipoic acid is produced by the body and synthetically is both water and fat soluble and provides protection to all organs from free radical damage. Astaxanthin is found in micro algae and crustaceans and is also made synthetically.


Foods With The Highest Antioxidants


Food is by far the most natural path for good health and here are some that are highest in antioxidants that are easy to cook and just plain good for you.

1. Red beans

2. Blueberries

3. Pinto beans

4. Red kidney beans

5. Cranberry

6. Artichoke hearts

7. Blackberry

8. Prunes

9. Rasberry

10. Strawberry

11. Red delicious apple

There are many other vegetables and fruits that offer high nutritional and antioxidant qaulities that when used in combination with these offer a delightful repast with huge health rewards. Using care in their preparation will insure the nutritional benefits. Their biggest enemies are your microwave, and over cooking. Keeping foods in their wholest form will preserve their natural gift of high food value. Nature provides it’s own store of vitamins for memory loss and these foods should not be ignored.


Memory Loss Vitamins Can Make Big Differences


The effectivness of vitamins for memory loss can be huge particularily if you have a deficiency of some vitamins. One of the dangers that are overlooked as you age is that you are not able to derive the nutritional values from some foods that you did when you were younger. Your diet may leave you starving for essential nutrients that are found in the foods you are trying to avoid. Taking supplements in reasonable amounts assures you of healthy values and can offer some remarkable improvements clarity and mental function, not to mention some big overall benefits to your general well being.



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